Is Renting – Breaking the Norms of Society?


How do you feel when you are renting? You may feel unsafe. We are sure you have heard horror stories from renters. For someone who have been renting apartments all of their lives, it could also be as safe as it gets. In fact, maybe you feel liberated rather than insecure.

Then there is the Society. Must you strive to own a house at one time in your life or are you just as good for never committing?

Here is why you should rent as well as forget what others say.

The New Normal

home ownership

We already have tons of stress in our lives. Don’t let the lack of home ownership be one. This may have been the trend, the indicator of how well you are doing in life but it’s not anymore.

Since 2008 financial crisis, the market has returned to the record highs and many people can’t afford buying a new home.

To emphasize this point, remember that today nothing is an indication of anything. Politically, economically, in every possible way. Even millionaires use free opportunities to win money through free slots, especially using Casino promotions for festive events.

It’s Impractical

mars colony

High price is not the only problem with owning a home. It’s also impractical. 30 or 40 years ago it was expected that you would get a job in an area, get a house and spend your whole life there.

The situation is a lot different nowadays. Think about it. Can you be sure of anything these days? Will you have a job? Will the industry even be there in 5 years? Will it be there tomorrow?

Surely, these are hypothetical questions but they matter. Elon Musk and Amazon were inexistent 20 years ago. 20 years more and one of them could be leading Mars colonization efforts while the other would replace every other way we do shopping.

In that regard, renting is a much better solution. You’re flexible.

You’re a Client

rented appartment

There has been a notion of the owner of a rented apartment as an employee that gives shelter and refuge to the poor renter. Luckily, the mentality has shifted. Now, you are equals. As a tenant, you have rights and you should be able to fight for them.

There are bad owners out there. Sure, they have the keys and they can tell you to move out. Do not let be bullied. It is a part of a process of educating owners. Find a local community online who share their experiences, always move in with an official contract and read the terms and regulations of the country you live in.

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